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You may gave noticed that counter is now over 11k followers. To celebrate this milestone, I’m giving away 11 8x10 prints on the new Epson Metalic paper. Just capture and repost this with picture with the filling tags to be in the draw on tues 31st of July. Use these tags: #sean_davey and @sean_davey Good luck!

I photographed “Leaning Palm” last year at Gili Lankanfushi in the Maldives. Definitely a place for everyone’s bucket list. There is actually a smaller one of these in the gallery at the moment. Stop by and check it out in Haleiwa between Aloha Swim and @toesonthenoseclothing

Poo’s about to get real here in the islands. That blob off to the east that wasn’t expected to anything just became a named storm and sure looks like it’s getting it’s spin on. Hang on everyone…

Tom Curren is so deserving of legend status. Today, he surfed an ASP heritage heat against Occy in sizy JBay and scored a 10 and at 50 years old. He has now given Kelly something new to aspire to; getting a 10 at an ASP would tour event at 50 years of age. Legend! @curfuffle @kellyslater

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