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my swim with Tom this morning was pretty short lived due to the water still having an excessive amount of debris from the storm 2 weeks ago. I’m sure Tom will be surprised at how much clearer, it looks in this picture than what it actually was….

I just went swimming with @thomasvictorcarroll to show him how how cool this place is, but it’s still really murky from the big storm, 2 weeks ago. probably a good thing though as Tom and Mary had to hustle to make their flight.

I’m drawing this on Thursday. someone’s going win Eleven 8x10 prints on the Epson metallic paper. To be in the draw, capture this post, then repost it with the tag @sean_davey. Good luck!

@rcj6666 Ross Clarke Jones not exactly stoked to be stepping off at the mezzanine level at Todos Santos in 98, during the reef contest. the same day that spawned @taylor_knox ‘s $50,000 k2 wave.

This is what many refer to the “millenium wave”. The wave that Laird Hamilton caught at Teahupoo in Tahiti back at the turn of the century. This wave pretty much changed everything as far as what people thought could be surfed. This picture made double page spread in the issue of Surfer magazine which broke the story.

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