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This one’s just off the charts. I had a client order a large canvas but they wanted the people to look smaller. I never did give this one a good title. How about a free download of Daveys Ocean Wave Sculptures for the best title…. :D

There’s a funny story behind this picture. I was cruising with my late pal Jeremy “Wire” Curtain and we were driving the long drive back to Currie after a very pleasant day of waves up north. Derek Hynd had hinted at a bit of a bonfire happening on his property around dark and that we should stop in. Wire was keen though to get back to town for a steak instead. Then our radiator overheated and the first to happen past was Derek, so we were all headed back for the barby at Dezza’s”… Soon after the fire was well and truly lit, Red Whyte, Ed and @kellyslater started banging out some gold under the stars some 13 or so years ago……

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