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Just wondering how many of you out there would be interested in getting a pair of these board shorts, infused with my pictures of the north shore? This is sample pair and they are very cool. 4 way stretch material and the build quality is very good. It’s a collaborative effort with my friend Tomas over at @norepboardshorts in Honolulu. I’d buy a pair of these but I might be biased LOL

I photographed this image in Times Square, NYC back in 2002. Little did I know at the time that I truly was capturing a moment in time. Fast forward to today and all those ford crown Victorias are now being replaced by Toyota Prius and other hybrid vehicles. #nyc #newyorkcity #instanyc #instagood #taxi. #citylights #nyctaxi #worldcaptures #timessquare #sean_davey

I’m always on the lookout for moments like this. It’s that time of the year when the the winter swells start to arrive and are hammering away at several months worth of sand that has deposited itself on the beaches during Summer. All kinds of crazy backwashes occur as the sand is reclaimed by the sea…

Absolutely no trades at the moment. Been like this for a week and expected for another week. Normally would be soooo good for underwater photography but the water again is so murky because of the river diggers. They usually dig Waimea river mouth when there’s surf during winter. It should never be done during Summer. The whole north shore is murky because of these guys. This is like the 3rd time this summer. Totally unimpressed.

I specialize in exhibition quality archival canvas in extra large sizes. This art-piece is called Jade Tiger, shown here as a 54 x 40 inch triptych canvas which is actually 3 panels, each at 18 x 40 inches with deluxe 2 inch mirror wrap edging, printed and signed by Me too. Send me an email at for pricing and more size options. #surfart #canvasart #interiorart #finartcanvas. #interiordesign #homedesign #instaart #homefurnishing #instagood

Palm Wave shown here as a 38 x 60 inch canvas with deluxe 2 inch mirror wrap edging, printed and signed by Sean using only the best archival Exhibition canvas from @epson Send email to for more size options and pricing. Also there is 30% off deal with this image at the moment. #canvasart #interiorideas #surfart #sean_davey #interiordesign #finephotographyart #waterphotography #waveart

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